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Please click on the questions below to view the FAQ answers.

How do I edit these FAQ questions?
To edit this area, open the "faq.htm" and view the source code. Find the notes for "FAQ 1" in the page and edit the text in this area.

Can I add more FAQ questions on this page?
You can add as many FAQ questions to this webpage as your project requires. Follow these steps to add a new FAQ question.
  • Open the "faq.htm" and view the source code.
  • Find the text between the "<!-- FAQ 10 --> notes.
  • Copy this code and paste it below itself.
  • In the new pasted code, edit "faq10" in 2 places with "faq11".
  • In the new pasted code, edit the "FAQ 10" notes in 2 places with "FAQ 11".
  • Open the "faq.htm" and test the FAQ links.

How do I change the FAQ answers area width?
Open the "pop-closeup.js" javascript file with Notepad or any text editor. At the top of this file are options for the width of this answer area, for padding and for adding a border to this area. You may want to make a backup copy of this .js file before you make any edits to it.

How do I change the FAQ page colors?
The colors for the FAQ section are using the same code as the text for all other pages. The code for the text will be the "TABLE" class in your CSS file. Link colors are defined by the "link" classes near the top of your CSS file. See the template colors support page for more help with changing template colors.

Can I add an image or video in an FAQ answer?
Yes, you can add images in an answer, or a video or a Flash animation object. Keep in mind that although the FAQ answers are hidden, they do still load when the FAQ page loads and can slow down the page if you add too many videos or larger sized images in an answer area.

Can I add links in the FAQ answers?
Yes. Links can be added to this area. You can also add new window links to any of the template pages or to other websites. Here is an example; Go to Allwebco Web Templates.

How much text can I include with each answer?
For each FAQ answer you can include as much or as little text as you would like. The answer area will expand to fit the text.

Can I add this FAQ to other pages?
Yes. You can copy any of the FAQ question/answer sections from this page into another page. You can also duplicate this page to add more FAQ pages.

Where are more Allwebco templates and addons?
Website templates and website addons are offered by Allwebco Design Corporation and are found only on the Allwebco website:

Click here to view Allwebco website addons

Where is the FAQ help page?
The help page included in this template download is named help.html.