About Us


At Gallerie DeBautte we offer Giclée printing on canvas of all of the images you see on this website. Giclées are offered at sizes ranging from 8x10 up to 44"x30 ft. After Printing, the canvas or watercolor paper giclées are coated with a specially formulated coating that enhancesthe image and protects it from UV light and humidity. All images can be printed as large as you like and can be hand embellished. Each Giclée is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Call for custom quotes 985-641-1299 or fill out our custom quote form for quotes on other size images. Images sized at 16 x 24 sell for 200.00 to 450.00 depending on the image.

We can also print images provided to us ( size will depend on image resolution and quality ) and is quoted on an individual basis. For Giclées reproductions of original art by Artist we offer special pricing. Preserving the integrity of your original artwork, our large format camera picks up every nuance in the original, including color, texture and even the finest brushstrokes. We will capture the image store it on our computer for reproductions when needed. We also offer turnaround as quick as 24 hours for artist.

We also offer artisticly designed functional art. Aluminum sculptures in the form of Tables, Chairs, Clocks and Wine Racks. We have produced custom commission works since 1990 and have shipped all over the United States and abroad. Each piece is signed, numbered, fingerprinted and hand coated with an acrylic coating that will keep it looking like the day it was made for 50+ years.

Custom Aluminum work and Commissions