HDR Photography

Unique Modern Functional works of art

These unique functional art works will still be loked on as modern for years to come. Each piece is signed, numbered, fingerprinted and coated with acrylic ureathane to keep the finish looking new for years to come.

Angle Three Foyer Table Foyer Table does not include glass top.

$ 3,800.00.00

Avignon Blue Wine Rack Avignon Wine Rack with Blue Screen Holds 15 bottles.

$ 1.700.00

Avignon Wine Rack Avignon Wine Rack with Natural Screen Holds 14 Bottles.

$ 1,700.00

Base Al Table Aluminum Table Does Not include glass top.

$ 1,500.00

Bordeaux Wine Rack Holds 16 Bottles.

$ 1,800.00

Bridge Table Table includes low voltage Halogen Light.

$ 3,700.00

Coelacanth Grandfather Clock Six foot tall Modern Grandfather Clock with Urgos Movement from Germany. A truly liberated grandfather clock. We got rid of all wood and have the pendulum and chime tubes exposed.

$ 12,000.00

Kilobyte Computer Table This Unique Table Holds The Monitor at eye Level and the keyboard at regular table height. You can either sit or stand with this eclectic computer table.

$ 1,900.00

Dali Mirror Modern Metal Mirror with a true contemporary look.

$ 1,100.00

Demilune A very Modern coffee table made of Aluminum and granite.

$ 2,300.00

Jaged Mirror This aluminum mirror is modern and contemporary. It has a unique cracked glass mirror.

$ 1,500.00

Metal Mirror Each of these modern mirrors is uniquely different. The contemporary style will still be modern for years to come

$ 1,100.00

Custom Aluminum work and Commissions