HDR Photography


New Orleans Saint Louis Cathedral New Orleans, Louisiana.

$ 350

Tsunami Composite of 3 images. Sky from Jamacia, Black sand beach from Hawaii and tree from Costa Rica

$ 450

The Wedding Flowers outside of Mama's Fish House Maui, Hawaii.

$ 350

Picture 3-4 Shot of an Orchid taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.

$ 350

Picture 3-5 Shot of an Orchid taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.

$ 350

Swan Song Picture of an Egret on the bayou near my home.

$ 250

Flambeaux Flambeaux carrier in New Orleans 2009. Size: 24 x 35.Printed on canvas coated and stretched.

$ 550

Picture 3-8 Composite of 5 images. Black sand beach & driftwood from Costa Rica, tree from Costa Rica, Sky sun beams and water from San Francisco, tree from Costa Rica, palm tree from Belize, stalk of palm tree is my arm.

$ 400

Bella Luna Composite of four images done on computer.

$ 350

Grey Goose Composite of two images. Two pelicans on a rock in Cabo San Lucas and a sky shot in Jamaica

$ 300

Snug as a Bug in a Rug Look closely there is a small frog in this flower.

$ 350

Birdhouse in Marsh This is a composite of three images. A birdhouse which was next to a local restaurant. A marsh picture taken by lake Pontchartrain. The sky was generated by computer

$ 300

Custom Aluminum work and Commissions